• Demolition

    Stripping the old plaster layers off the pool shell.

  • Crack Repair

    Our knowledge and experience in crack repairs has lead us to understand that epoxy injection, membranes, and staples are band aids.  It is our desire to repair pools which has lead us to our system of removing poor materials, adding steel for strength, and re gunite the affected areas. 
  • Plumbing

    When we re plumb a pool we install a new equipment manifold and the plumbing is placed under pressure.  The next photo shows new pool and spa construction which shows those who remodel what is in the shell and underground.

  • Plumbing Skimmer & Trenches

    In the photo on the left the pool skimmer is shown prior to the installation of the pool shell (Gunite).  When we replace a skimmer on a remodel the entire skimmer box has to be removed in order to replace the skimmer.  The photo on the right shows on the average pool how much plumbing is placed in a trench.  The width of the trench is determined by the amount of plumbing the pool requires.

  • Gunite

    Gunite Nozzleman shooting pneumatically placed concrete.

  • Tile, Coping & Brick

    Setting tile and Coping (generic term for the material on the top of the pool).  Notice the white foam material being placed between the concrete deck and coping.  The Polyvoid will be removed and the mastic (expansion joint) will be installed in that area.  The boards that are in the pool on the next photo are installed once the pool’s level is determined.  

  • Interior Finish

    This is the installation of Wet Edge Primera Stone.  One of the many interior finishes California’s Gunite and Pool Plastering offers.